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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do we provide?  

We deliver and/or install landscape materials such as trees, shrubs, wood mulch, stone, edging, weed barrier, natural stone retaining walls and patios, seed or sod lawns. We can design a landscape plan for your if you are installing yourself, or provide free estimates and designs if we are doing the installation. We plow snow and de-ice with salt during the winter, both residential and commercial sites.  Our sales division sells plant and landscape materials to both retail and wholesale customers.


We do not mow lawns, trim shrubs or trees, clean up yard debris or leaves.  We can recommend businesses that do such work. We do not install irrigation systems, ponds, other hardscapes, or concrete curbing.  We do not shovel sidewalks during the winter.  We do not service the west side residences for snow removal.

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