We offer many services, from installation of plant material, mulch, edging, hardscapes, to landscape design and recommendations, to delivery of plant material, mulch, stone, topsoil, garden mix, etc. We also remove snow during the winter.  Please see below for more information.



We offer delivery of most of our products.  Need some mulch, topsoil, or stone delivered right to your driveway? We also can deliver and plant a single plant, or a whole group.  We also can design an entire landscape for your yard or business.  In the winter, we offer snow removal and salting.  


Don't forget to experience the services we offer at our sales yard.  We can help you decide which plants would work best for your situation, and help you pick the healthiest and well-shaped plants for your yard.  We make the selection process as painless as possible.  We can load up your purchases into your vehicle or trailer, or have it tagged for delivery, for an additional fee.  We also load mulch, stone, etc. into trucks or trailers.





We offer delivery of our mulch and stone for your home landscape projects.  We deliver in the Green Bay area.  There is a minimum order and delivery fee.  Please contact us or check our price list for more information.  


We can also deliver plant materials, especially the large b&b trees, and put them right were you are planting the trees.


If you have a larger project that needs a professional touch, our landscape designers can provide a custom-made plan with input from you, to make sure all concerns are addressed.  If you just need a few trees or shrubs planted, or mulch installed, we can do that, too!  Our experienced and freindly staff can make suggestions on the ideal spot to install the tree or shrub.  Estimates are free, but there is a charge for the landscape design if you are doing the installation on your own.  


We can design the perfect landscape plan for your yard Estimates are free if we are doing the installation.  IF you would like to have us design a landscaping that you will install yourself, the consulting fee is $100, and landscape design fee of $65 per hour (4-hour minimum).  After consulation, we will give you a $100 gift certificate to use on landscape material.  Let us help you create a yard that is beautiful and easy-care.  

Please call Digger's Hotline at 811 before you dig!