Besides the decorative stone and mulches pictured here, we also carry topsoil (pulverized and non-pulverized), horse manure, garden mix, and sand.

Click for larger picture and more information.  Please see the price list contact us for prices, delivery, and availability.   Our bark mulches are made from real bark, removed before turning the wood into lumber.  The colorings are impregnated into the wood, and will last longer than the dyed chipped pallets sold in bags.  Our mulches and stones are sold in bulk.  This helps reduce the amount of garbage in our environment, and reduces  the pollution cause by the creation of the plastic bags. We can load your truck or trailer, or you are welcome to fill your own containers if you need smaller amounts.  

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Here are samples of the type of bullet pavers and concrete edging we can install for you.  We also carry and install black vinyl, aluminium, and steel edging,(see below) also available for individual purchase.  Please see the price list for more information regarding these products. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE INSTALL EDGING ONLY AS PART OF A COMPLETE LANDSCAPING PROJECT.  Samples are on here for clients to see which types are available. Thank you.  


Concrete Curbing Colors and Stamps

Landscape Edging

Here are examples of the types of landscape edging we carry, black vinyl, green steel, and silver aluminium:

Vinyl Edging
Steel Edging
Please call Digger's Hotline at 811 before you dig!
3/4" Mississippi River Stone

Our smaller version of the Large Mississippi River Stone.